Sunday, November 29, 2009

The super duper long holiday and the near future.

Its been awhile since the last update...

The As are as good as over and I've been doing some surfing on the net. And woohoooo I found out soooo much interesting things about people manz.

No more fun and games next week, I have no financial capabilites to do so and so its probably television guitar computer sleep and eat next week. So fast and I'm leaving MJC and 08s401...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ahahaha when piracy gets out of control... use it to your advantage!

Wow its been a bloody long time since i've been here and it feels good to be blogging again. So probably its easy to guess what I've been up to... studying hehehehe its like my new hobby now! Every morning I wake up to books and I feel excited! Papers equations formulaes... man these are the things that drive me now! I can't wait to use them on the battlefield 14 days from now... I really don't want the 'A' Levels to end you know... its not like we get to study this much all the time.

Ok enough of lying I feel moody and crappy everyday now... I think I recently quite bastard. I bastard everyone and everything shit man JC has changed me entirely! I can't wait for A levels to be over class chalets and shit I really hope 08s401 has one, I feel distanced from them already and of course getting to gather with old friends and then of course really sitting down to think about what I want to do in life. I'm still unsure of what I want to do in university and assuming I get into a Uni...

Speaking of which in my journey to attaining 3 As I was studying at expo today with a friend and his friends and the walk through expo at 11pm is scary as hell, the place is so bloody quiet. Hot girls! Hot girls! source of motivation to study sometimes or can be a platform for epic daydreams like today triad fights hero save chio bu and happily every after... and of course the daily Gp thing I do rebutt myself bonkers I tried getting with yen han for 2 hours the other day i failed in 10 secs I'm to nice and he still owes me my data booklet some lesbian liker he is tell me saturday return me now already monday peace out

And seriously I think the As are driving people nuts really nuts fugly nuts balllessly nuts morbidly nuts sadistically nuts and mothers nuts and white man nuts fatigue and I think in the future I better find a job thats not deskbound and I haven't logged into msn using this computer for 49437432890 years

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr Big is coming to Singapore! I'm sure you all know this song!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I been blogging frequently...

Today is one of those days where it pisses you off like hardcore man. When you can do integration by parts for every other kind of question but just that one kind you just cannot get it... sianzz.

Right so the morning was started off with the mock exam paper, which was interupted by breakfast and fatigue. Then came the really pissing people off part with all the integration and shit. I'm reading this blog now that is really god-driven, if you get what I mean. Really scary like everything is given to you. Tomorrow is a short day thank GOD heheh hah heh ha

Saturday, August 8, 2009

When everyone around you just seem to die.

Hello its another lonely Saturday. Its been physics and more physics so damn very the sian.

Well a brief recount of the past day: Celebrated National Day in school by watching this really weird but rather interesting movie, locally made one. After that watched listened to weijie and mr lye sing haha, quite funny. Then the rest went to study but I didnt join them cause I didn't bring my stuff. Got Yen Han out to study after that then tuition then go home.

Where is everyone?

Friday, August 7, 2009

"...Your style is unconventional, unorthodox...beyond a sane human's comprehension!"

I used that line above to describe some dude's essay a few days back and I think I like being a critic because when you are a critic you can criticise people without feeling bad. Ok, when I grow up(hmm...) I'm going to be a movie critic.

Speaking of movies, I watched G.I. Je..I mean Joe, GI JOE, With a bunch of classmates just now and I must say its on of those movies that makes a whole lot of sense yet not.

Its national day celebrations later and I think I'm going to school cause being at home means study... recently its been quite irritating to stay at home cause at home means study study study and honestly I'm not someone who likes to do that. No point lamenting now right.

and haha I was talking to some friends this week about school and upcoming exciting 'A's and I think we're really scared. Looking back, the class used to have this saying(I think was macus?) “读也A,不读也A...读for what?!" and teachers day video making and the prawn and indian who ruined the definition of having a name and the really intense but useless questions raised by kevin and xuhui in class... I don't know... It was fun studying then. Results all aside, just being in all the classes I was in secondary school made 4 years of my life.

Being in college has also been really great. More freedom, exposure, the joy of having a CCA, meeting people, college events, alot more movies, spending more and of course project work has been really amazing.

好,字就打到这里因为我要上学liaoz. 雾里看花。。。我喜欢!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life is full of bewildering mysteries...

Harry Potter is R21. The 6 of us just verified that so mums and dads and clean people, think twice about bringing your children or yourselves to watch that dude with the stick.